(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Expression of agreement
1. (concurrence) assent, acquiescence; nod, accord, accordance; concord (See agreement); unanimity (See unity); recognition, concurrence.
2. (acceptance) ratification, confirmation, corroboration; [stamp of ] approval, acceptance (See approbation); consent, willingness. Informal, OK, okay, green light, go-ahead. Slang, high five. See permission, will.
3. (agreeing person) yes-man, yea-sayer, toady, sycophant, company man; rubber stamp; signator[y], signer, cosigner, endorser; notary [public]. Slang, brown-nose, suck, ass-kisser or - wipe, boot-lick[er], lickspit[tle].
1. (sign of acceptance) assent, nod, acquiesce, agree; accept, accede, accord, concur; lend oneself to, consent; go with, go along (with), have no problem with, chime in, jump at, recognize; subscribe (to), say yes; say the word, ditto, amen, or aye (to), OK; ratify, validate, approve (See approbation); countersign; corroborate; let ride. Slang, give five.
2. (reach an agreement) come to an understanding, come to terms, see eye to eye, shake hands on; swim with the stream; be in the fashion, join in the chorus. Informal, shake on it.
3. (be agreed upon) be ratified, carry, pass, go through.
1. (in agreement) assenting, of one accord or mind, of the same mind, at one with; agreed, acquiescent, willing; content (with).
2. (agreed upon) uncontradicted, unchallenged, unquestioned, uncontroverted; ratified, signed and sealed; signed, sealed and delivered; carried, agreed.
1. yes, yea, aye; true, good, well, very well, well and good; granted; even so, just so, to be sure; truly, exactly, precisely, that's just it, indeed, certainly, of course, indubitably, unquestionably, surely, sure, assuredly, by all [manner of] means, no doubt, doubtless, and no mistake; be it so, so be it, amen; willingly; to a man.
2. (in an agreeing manner) affirmatively, in the affirmative.
Interjections — yes sirree! yes sirree Bob! you said a mouthful! you said it! and how! Informal, you bet [your ass]! you can say that again! right on! that's about the size of it! so be it!
Quotations — One must know when to blend force with a maneuver, a blow with an agreement (Leon Trotsky).
Antonyms, See dissent.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. approval, agreement, concurrence, consent; see permission .
Syn. agree to, concur, consent; see agree , consent .
See Synonym Study at consent .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
agreement, concurrence, consent, acceptance, accord, approval.
ANT.: disagreement, dissent
agree, concur, accept, consent, concede, approve, grant, acquiesce, go along.
ANT.: dissent, disagree
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I verb To respond affirmatively; receive with agreement or compliance: accede, accept, acquiesce, agree, consent, nod, subscribe, yes. See AGREE. II noun The act or process of accepting: acceptance, acquiescence, agreement, consent, nod, yes. Informal: OK. See ACCEPT.

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